Church of St. Patrick of Cedar Creek

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Finance Council members:

Chair:  Joel Rhein

Kathy Delwiche

Todd Novak

Chuck Carmichael

Jeff Gendreau

A note from our Pastor, Father David Blume...

Thank you for all you do to build up the Kingdom of God through St. Patrick’s Catholic Church! So many wonderful things take place at your parish because of the gifts you give back to the Lord. From beautiful Masses to Bible studies and pastoral care to youth events…you make a difference by opening doors for great ministry and future possibilities.

At St. Patrick’s your gift is used carefully. As responsible stewards the goals of this parish include building up the faith life of every member, caring well for all that God has given us, and working toward that day when we are debt free.

If you are experiencing extreme financial hardship please simply pray for your parish and when you are back on your feet express your gratitude to God with a gift at that time.

Church of Saint Patrick

19921 Nightingale Street NW

Oak Grove, MN  55011



Father David Blume

Deacon George Stahl

19921 Nightingale Street NW
Oak Grove, MN 55011



Weekend Masses

Saturday - 5:00 PM
  Rosary - 4:30 PM
Sunday - 9:00 & 11:00 AM
  Rosary - 10:30 AM

Daily Masses

Tuesday at 6:15 PM and

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

  at 8:00 AM


Tuesday at 5:30 PM and Saturday at 3:30 PM
or by appointment
  call the parish office at 763-753-2011

Eucharistic Adoration

Sunday - 6:00 PM
Friday - 8:00 AM

Weekly Bulletin

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